Mold Inspection Service in Long Island, NY

As a mold inspection service on Long Island, NY, Long Island Home Inspections knows how to identify and resolve problems that may pose a threat to your health. We understand that mold can release toxic spores into the air, so we have the tools and training to determine if there's a hidden problem inside your walls or under your carpets.

Putting Your Family First

Our staff is punctual and professional, and we know where to look for mold and spores. We can quickly identify whether there's a potential problem and discuss any remediation efforts that may be in order. Our team is dedicated to quality workmanship, and our goal is to ensure that you and your loved ones have a safe and healthy living space.

Long Island Home Inspections is fully licensed and insured, and our staff is committed to your satisfaction. If you'd like to schedule your appointment with a mold inspection service that works with homeowners on Long Island, call our office today.